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Nordic Seaweed Conference 2019

Dato og tid

Onsdag d. 9. oktober 2019 kl. 11:00 til torsdag d. 10. oktober 2019 kl. 15:30


Torsdag d. 3. oktober 2019 kl. 12:00


Kystvejens Konferencecenter, Kystvej 26, 8500 Grenaa Kystvejens Konferencecenter
Kystvej 26
8500 Grenaa

Nordic Seaweed Conference 2019


Join the 9th Nordic Seaweed Conference on 9 and 10 October 2019 in Grenaa, Denmark. The topic of this year’s conference will be Meeting the UN sustainability goals by Innovation in Macroalgae as a Bioresource.

Be inspired by novel input from the field of seaweed research and industry. Take the excellent opportunity to network and find new project and business partners.

We are happy to present the following confirmed speakers:

Keynote speaker  

Balunkeswar (Balu) Nayak, Associate Professor of Food Processing, University of Maine:

One of our keynote speakers this year will highlight innovations in seaweed processing technologies for developing future food and food ingredients. He has more than16 years of experience on the food process engineering and has been extensively investigating the development of sustainable process and product approaches for high-value added aquaculture seaweed products.

Keynote speaker

Dr. Prannie Rhatigan is a medical doctor based in Ireland with a lifetime experience of harvesting, cooking and gardening organically with seaweed. In 2019 her cookbook Irish Seaweed Christmas Kitchen came first in the Gourmand Best in the World awards in the seafood category.

Enjoy a presentation on how seaweeds in food enhances health and well-being. She will also give information on how far we are implementing seaweed in food.
The title of her presentation is: Health benefits of eating seaweed and use cases in Europe

Other confirmed speakers:

    • Ying Yen, Nord Universitet, Norway: Silage fermentation properties of Saccharina latissima and Alaria esculenta under various additives and processing methods. (Download the presentation)
    • Philipp Doerschmann, University of Kiel, Germany: Fucoidans with beneficial effects for ocular diseases, influence on cell viability, VEGF secretion and oxidative stress protection.
    • Heiko Keller, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg, Germany: Operationalising UN sustainable development goals for algae-based process development via integrated life cycle sustainability assessment. (Download the presentation)
    • Susse Wegeberg, Aarhus University, Denmark: The unknown kelp forests of Greenland – the East coast’s unexpected lushness.
    • Cecilie W. Nielsen, DTU Food, Denmark: Is blanching the solution for lowering iodine in sugar kelp and which quality consequences does it have to blanch sugar kelp? (Download the presentation)
    • Maryam MacCorquodale, SAMS, Scotland: Manipulating macronutrient concentration (N,P, FE) to ensure vegetative cultivation of kelp gametophytes (saccharina latissimi) for the aquaculture industry.
    • David Aldridge, Seaweed Energy Solutions, Norway: Seaweed cultivation and processing for sustainable production of food and other products. (Download the presentation)
    • Dr Achinta Bordoloi, Stellenbosch University, South Afrika: Subcritical water extraction for recovering high value products from the brown macroalgae Ecklonia maxima: A greener alternative.
    • Rita Clancy, Eurida Research Management: Future sustainable seaweed industries in Europe - Social aspects and the need for public dialogues. (Download the presentation)
    • Rafael Meichßner, Kiel University: UV- screening in Baltic seaweeds and its application in cosmetic products. (Download the presentation)
    • Frederik Gröndahl, KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Seafarm Algae cultivation for a more sustainable world. (Download the presentation)
    • Anne-Belinda Bjerre, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark: MacroCascade - project overview and progress. (Download the presentation)
    • Marleen van der Heide, Aarhus University, Denmark: Potential of local seaweed to improve growth performance in piglets. (Download the presentation)
    • Gizaw Satessa, University of Copenhagen: Effect of seaweed products on weaner pig productivity and gut development (Download the presentation)
    • Hanne H. Hansen, University of Copenhagen: What is the potential digestibility and methane reduction of seaweed and seaweed products for cattle? (Download the presentation)
    • Ole G Mouritsen, University of Copenhagen: Umamification of vegetables by macroalgae for eating more green. (Download the presentation)


Download the conference program here


Time: 9–10 October 2019 (conference starts at 11:00 on 9 October)

Place: Kystvejens Hotel and Conference Centre in Grenaa, Denmark


All prices are excl. VAT and incl. 1 night at hotel + food and drink:

DKK 2900,- (for anyone staying in a single room)

DKK 2600,- for anyone who would share a room with someone (please write under “note” with whom you share a room)

DKK 1800,- for students (BA, MA, PhD – requires that a student shares a room with another student)

DKK 2200,- for attending the conference, but no accommodations needed  

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