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International conference on precision fermentation of milk proteins

Date and time

Monday 22. January 2024 at 10:00 to Tuesday 23. January 2024 at 15:00

Registration Deadline

Monday 15. January 2024 at 23:00


Aalborg University Copenhagen, A. C. Meyers Vænge 15,, 2450 København Aalborg University Copenhagen
A. C. Meyers Vænge 15,
2450 København

International conference on precision fermentation of milk proteins


The current food system is unsustainable in terms of carbon footprint, land-use, water consumption, and biodiversity. Replacing meat and dairy products with alternative proteins is one of the most effective tools in the food system to combat the climate crisis. Plant-based proteins are a good and inexpensive alternative, but have certain taste, nutritional and functional deficiencies that can be improved with animal proteins produced by precision fermentation. The technology of precision fermentation is well established in the pharmaceutical and enzyme industries. Using the same technology for food production requires huge volumes with a low price point, a new production infrastructure, robust cell factories and cheap and sustainable growth media. The Conference adresses these challenges.

The objective of this conference is to enlighten potentials and barriers for precision fermentation of milk proteins as a means to radically reduce GHG emissions from our food system.

The conference addresses the elements of the value chain:

  1. Policy framework, regulation, and roadmap for a transition toward a sustainable food system
  2. Robust, efficient production organisms for precision fermentation of food
  3. Bio-streams, circular economy, GHG emission and LCA (Upcycling of local residual bio-streams to production media for precision fermentation of milk proteins)
  4. Scaling up - from lab to industrial production
  5. Production infrastructure of scale, optimization, process control
  6. Downstream processing – from bioreactor to powder ingredients
  7. Business model, Investment, venture capital
  8. Consumer acceptance, nutrition, taste, texture, functionality, and price

We invite anyone interested to present a poster in relation to the Conference topic -  precision fermentation of milk proteins. Please contact to register a poster.

Please choose the activities in which you wish to participate:

Day 1:  Session on applied science and innovation
Day 1: Conference dinner
Day 2: Roadmap to market

See the program 

Registration includes a fee of DKK 500 for catering costs. Your conference participation is fundet by GUDP and Innovationskraft.

The conference is organised by Aalborg University, Protein Frontiers and Food & Bio Cluster Denmark.

When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the project Innovationkraft, which is funded by the Uddannelses- og Forskningsstyrelsen at a standard rate. Read more about the project

Event Location

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Organizer Contact Information

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Phone: +45 89992500

Organizer Contact Information

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Phone: +45 89992500